Monday, September 9, 2013

Thai Style Raw Shrimp

Thai style raw shrimp by far is one of my favorite dishes in the work.  I love eating shrimp especially raw shrimp.  Eating out this dish cost like 70-80 HK dollar and the shrimp quality is not good.  So I decided to do some research at home and make it my own.  I bought fresh live shrimp(花竹蝦) from the open market.  Here’s how you make it….


Live Shrimp 12pcs

Dipping Sauce:

Chili Pepper
Chinese parsley
Fish Sauce


1.      For the live shrimp, put it in ice cold water for 2 hours before removing the shell.
2.      After soaking in ice cold water for 2 hours, remove the shell and divine.  Butterfly the shrimp, wash it well and soak it in ice cold water again for 10-15mins.
3.      While the shrimp is being soak in the ice water, with a pounder crush the garlic and chili pepper.  Add in the lime juice, fish sauce and sugar.  Mix well then add in water and Chinese parsley.  Let the sauce sit for 20mins before serving it.

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