Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dongguan, Changping (July 13-14 2013)

On July 13-14 2013 My hubby and his friends went to Dongguan, Changping.  The purpose of this trip was to celebrate a friend of our birthday.  Counting my finger, I think we have went to China for a mini vacation for more then 10 times.  Plus each time we go is always with the same group of dear friends who we love and care with all our heart. 

The meeting time was at 9:00, which is a very good time for us becauase we have more time to sleep.

Here's what we ate for our first meal.  As usual, the food to me is okay, not the best food.  Since I have been to these kind of short China trip for more then 10times, so I didn't take too many photos beside the first meal.  Later on when I have more time and more practice with this google blogger, I will post more about my short trip to China.  

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