Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back Home Day 3

Day 3 at home sweet home.  The weather in Hawaii during spring is just perfect.  Not too hot and not too cold.  I didn't even have to turn on the A/C when we go to sleep.  But during spring season, ever morning and late evening it will rain, but is just scattered shower. 

Oh let's get back into what I have done on my 3rd day in paradise.  Today my hubby and I will be going to Polynesian Cultural Center.  Again is my hubby first time there and for my I lost count of how many times I went there.  Before heading to Polynesian Cultural Center, my parents, my hubby and I went to eat pho again.  Yes again, I think I can eat pho everything.  But of course have to be pho from Hawaii. 

After eating pho with my parents, my habby and I went to meet up with the tour guide.  Since is a long drive to Polynesian Culture Center, my parents think that joining the tour is the best.  Plus my brother work for a travel agent company, he can get special offer.  Actually my hubby and I didn't play for this tour, my brother pay for it.  So sweet of him.  

Anyway here are some photos of the Polynesian Cultural Center.....

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center at 3:30 and stay there till the night show end.  Don't have any photos of the night show because they don't allow you to take photos during the show.  We ate dinner buffet at the center, which the package included this meal.  The food is okay, but the service is excellent.  Sometime I wonder why people in Hong Kong can't give this kind of service???

After leaving center at 9, we got back to town at around 10 at night.  I told the tour guide to drop us off at Waikiki because I want to surprise my friend at work.  She knew I will be back, but didn't know which day I was coming back. 

Here's are some photo I took at Waikiki while I was planning a surprise to my friend...

Didn't take too many photos that night because I was so tired from walking around at Polynesian Cultural Center. 

After giving my friend a surprise, we went to eat McDonald's for mid-night snack.  I swear to god, the McDonald's is so expensive here at the state compare with Hong Kong.  With the amount I spend at McDonald's at the state, I can come back to Hong Kong 10 extra value meals. 

After having our mid-night snack, my friend and her hubby took us back to our parents.  Once we got home, my mom had make my favorite fish maw soup for us to drink.  I'm telling you, is the best to live with your parents.  I really miss seeing them everyday, eating my mom food everything, talking to them everyday.  I really miss them so much.

After drinking the fish maw soup, we went straight to bed.  It was a long, fun and memorable day for both of us....


  1. Oh, the Polynesians make me remember the Maori in New Zealand, so similar!

    Hawaii, such a relaxing place, whereas HK is so unconcerned and tension, so ..... zero, may be just 0.1 service in many restaurants.

    1. Hello A Moon
      Yes Hawaii is very relaxng and lay back. Maybe that's why ppl there are very nich.
      Really wish one day I can go to New Zealand Maori for a visit.
      Btw thanks for stoping by...