Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back Home Day 5

Today will be a very special day for my hubby and I.  After being married for three years, we are finally taking our wedding photos.  Many people asked me, why I don't take it in Hong Kong, since Hong Kong wedding photo service is so good and cheap.  But my hubby and I want it something speical, since we are going to be in Hawaii, why not take wedding photos back home.  So that's why we decided to take wedding photos at my home sweet home Hawaii.

Before heading off to our wedding photo shoot, we went to chinatown for an early lunch.  Again we ate pho. 

After lunch we went back home to get ready for our photo shoot.  Yes, I did my own make up and hair.  For the outfit I bought them in Hong Kong. 

Since we got to there early, my hubby and I decided to sit down and have a drink.  Here's a before the wedding shoot.

And here are some photo of the wedding shoot....

We started the photo shoot and 3 in the afternoon and finish at 7 at night.  By the we got home it was 8 at night. 

Once we got home, my mom dinner was on the table already.  Here's what we had for dinner on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.

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