Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back Home Day 2

After a good night sleep, the first thing I did was take some photos with my beloved son Lucky.  I bought him when I was going to college at Colorado State University.  This little guy have been with me for thick and thin.  Although I did not take him with me to Hong Kong but I know he's in good hand.  Because my daddy loves him dearly and Hawaii is a better for him to live.  My baby boy is getting old, he is now 14 years old.  Oh by the way he have a very special birthday, he was born on Feb 14 1999,,,, Here's are some photos of my baby boy Lucky... 

After spending some quality time with Lucky, we went out to have dim sum at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown Culture Plaza.  This place is call "Legend Seafood Restaurant".  When I was living in Hawaii, this is the only place to go eat Dim Sum.  Actually there are many Chinese restaurant that served dim sum, but this is the only place that we think is good.  Here's what we had for lunch before heading out to do some sight seeing

After Dim Sum at Legend, we went to the palace of King Kamehameha, which is located near Downtown Honolulu.  Since my hubby never been there before, so we have to take him there.  As for me, since I grew up in Hawaii, I really don't have any interest in sight seeing.  Here's are some photos of the palace

After some photos at the palace, we went to the National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific at Punchbowl.  This cemetery have spectacular view.  Since my hubby never been there before, I of course have to take him there.  As for me, I have been there more then 20 times.  Here are some photos of the cemetery.

We went to Ala Moana shopping center after the cemetery, but there are no photos because my hubby didn't not bring extra battery for the camera.  So we could only use our Iphone to take photo for the rest of the remaing day.

Although there are no photos, but I still would like to write down what have happen on that day, so that one day when I miss home too much, I can open this blog and read what had happen on the 2nd day of my arrive back home.

After the cemetery, we went to Ala Moana Shopping Center.  We went to Nieman for a simple afternoon tea with my parents.  After having afternoon tea with my parents, we went our separate ways.  My parents went home first because my daddy needs to take Lucky out for a walk.  My hubby and I stay back at the mall to do some shopping. 

My parents came back to the mall at around 6pm to pick us up for dinner at a Chinese restaurant near Dillingham.  That night we had our Chinese new year eve dinner with family.  The Chinese food in Hawaii is not good compare with the Chinese food in Hong Kong.  But having dinner with my family makes the food taste good.  After dinner we all went home to sleep.  Tomorrow will be another day of tourist and fun.

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