Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shrimp, Ham & Corn Fried Rice

Usually during weekday I will make simple food for dinner.  Tonight (24 Sept 2013) is Tuesday night and I made shrimp, ham & corn fried rice for dinner.  Here’s how you make this simple weeknight dish….


Rice (Left over rice is the best)
3 Eggs


Fish Sauce
Chicken Powder
White Pepper


1.      Remove the shell from the shrimp, wash it with salt and pat dry.  Season the shrimp with a little white pepper.
2.      Dice up the ham & ginger and set it aside.
3.      In a chinese wok over medium high heat, heat up one tablespoon of oil, when the wok is hot add in the eggs, immediately add in the rice, stir-fry the eggs and rice until the eggs starting to dry up.
4.      Add in the diced ginger cook it for 1 min then add in the ham and corn and cook for another 2-3mins.
5.      At last add in the shrimp, when the shrimp staring to turn pink, usually it take 2-3mins then add in the seasoning to your own taste.  Dish up and enjoy.

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