Thursday, September 12, 2013

Korean Style Army Pot

Actually this is not the correct name for this dish.  I actually just made it up.  The reason why I call it army pot is because during the war, this is what Korean troops will make to eat.  This is a very simple and easy dish to make and my hubby loves it.  Here’ what you need….


Kim Chee
Enoki Mushroom
Can Ketchup Beans
Korean Instant Noodle
Beef Broth


1.      In a high side sauce pan over medium heat, cook the spam first.  Make sure both side of the spam is a little brown (no need add any oil, because spam have lots of fat release when you cook it).
2.      When the spam is cook, put the spam in the middle of the pan, and then put the Kim Chee, enoki mushroom, squash and sausage around the sauce pan.  In the middle of the pan, add in the instant noodle.  Then add in the beef stock.
3.      When everything comes to a boil, add in the ketchup beans, let it cook for 2 mins than add in the cheese and served.  

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