Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tomato Sauce With Pan Fried Fish

This dish not only is easy to make, but also is health and taste very good with white rice.  My hubby has requested to eat light and healthy after our trip to Thailand.  Here’s how you make this dish…..


Can Tomato
Tomato Paste


Pork Powder


1.      Clean the fish and pat it dry, in a medium sauce pan, add in a tablespoon of oil and ginger, pan fried the fish until both side is golden brown
2.      At the same time the fish is cooking, in a medium pot, heat up a little bit of oil, add in garlic.  Cook the garlic for couple second then add in the fresh tomato and tomato paste.  Cook for tomato for a few mins
3.      Then add in the can tomato, season it with ketchup, pork powder and sugar
4.      When the fish is fully cook and both side have turn golden brown, pour the tomato sauce in with the fish.  Cook the sauce with the fish for another 5 mins.  Dish it up and served it with some white rice

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