Sunday, October 20, 2013

Steam Pork Patties With Salty Fish

Steam pork patties are always one of my hubby favorite dishes.  This time instead of adding preserved cabbage, I added a piece of salty fish on top.  Here’s how you make this dish….


Salty Fish
Chili Pepper
Oat Meal

Soy Sauce
Pork Powder
White Pepper
Corn Starch
Oyster Sauce
Little Bit Of Oil


1.      Rinse and pat dry the pork, on a cutting board, diced up the pork into small piece and chop it up until it turn into a patties texture
2.      Add in the entire seasoning listed on top and the oat meal.  Mix in the water with the patties until it has a smooth texture. Let it the pork marinates for at least 30mins before steaming it.
3.      Rise the salty fish, pat it dry and place it on top of the park patties.  On top of the salty fish add slice ginger and one chili pepper
4.      Steam the pork patties under high heat for 15mins.  Sever it up hot with some white rice

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