Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day Six Bangkok, Thailand (Oct 14 2013)

One more day and we will be heading home.  Today I still didn’t feel too well in the stomach.  I feel like my whole body is aching and tired.  But I still manage to walk to Central World to have lunch with my hubby and did a little shopping at Central World and Big C Super Market.  Here are some photos of what we ate and bought….

After shopping and eating, we went to have Thai body massage.  To me I prefer foot massage more than body massage.  But my hubby love body massages more.  After one hour of body massage, we had an early dinner at KFC and dessert at Swensen.  Here are some photos of what we ate…..

Since we ate dinner kind of early, we decided to buy some snack back to the hotel and eat, just in case we get hungry later on at night.  Here’s what we bought as our snack….

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