Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct 1 2013 National Holiday

Yesterday was National Holiday, my hubby and I didn’t have any plan but end it up we went to the Tai Tam Reservoir and Shek O for the whole afternoon. 

My hubby and I got up at around 10 in the morning; we clean the house and feed our doggie breakfast, take a shower and made instant noodle for lunch.  When we just finish eating our lunch, right at the time we decided to kick back and relax, someone rang our door bell.  It was my hubby friend; they need our help because their maid had invited friends over to our housing private beach without asking my hubby friend.  After we solve the problem, we decide to go for a walk at Tai Tam Reservoir.  It was my first time there, here’s some of the photo that I took….

After Tai Tam Reservoir, we went to Shek O for a late lunch or should I say early dinner because after eating at Shek O, I didn’t have to eat at all when I got home.  Here are some photos that I took of the food……..

We went home at around 6 at night… It was a fun last minute outing with great friends….wHere

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