Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Steam Fish Cake With Japanese Tofu

This is a very easy and healthy recipe.  After our trip to Thailand, my hubby requested to eat healthy and light.  Here’s how you make this simple, easy and healthy dish….


Fish Cake
Japanese Tofu
Green Onion


Oyster Sauce
Fish Sauce
Sesame Oil
White Pepper
Corn Starch


1.      In a large mixing bowl put the fish cake and all the seasoning in, mix everything in one direction for at least 5mins.
2.      Diced up the green onion into small pieces, add half of the green onion in the fish cake mixture.
3.      Diced up the Japanese tofu and mix in with the fish cake until everything is well combine.
4.      On high heat, steam the fish cake for 10 mins, sprinkle the remaining green onion on top and served it with some white rice.

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