Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thai Style Green Chicken Curry

I made this dish for this past Sunday (Oct 27 2013) dinner.  As you all can see, during the weekend my hubby and I love to stay home, just kick back relax watch some movies and drink some wine. 
This green curry mixture, I bought it while I was on vacation in Thailand two weeks ago.  This green curry brand is called “The Blue Elephant” and I think this is the best green curry mixture I have ever tried.  Anyway here’s how you make this dish….


1/2 Fresh Chicken
Green Egg Plant
String Green Beans
Chili Pepper
Thai Basil

Seasoning For the Chicken

Soy Sauce
Fish Sauce
White Pepper

Seasoning For the Curry

Blue Elephant Green Curry
Fish Sauce
Coconut Milk


1.      Chop the chicken into big pieces, wash it, pat it dry and season it with some soy sauce, fish sauce and a little white pepper.  Marinate the chicken for 30 mins.
2.      In a large skillet with high side, heat up one tablespoon of oil; add in the green curry paste cook for a min.
3.      Add in the onion, chili pepper and shallot, cook for a 1min, then add in the chicken, cook for 1-2mins then add in the coconut milk and cook for 10-15 mins
4.      Add in the green egg plant cook for 1-2min, then add in the string beans cook for another 2-3mins
5.      Check the taste, if it is too spicy adds in a littler sugar.  If the seasoning is not enough add in a little fish sauce. 
6.      At the end add in the Thai basil and served it with some white rice.  Enjoy…

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