Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day Seven Bangkok, Thailand (Oct 15 2013)

Today is our last day in Thailand.  Woke up at around 10 something in the morning, freshen up and went out for lunch.  Since I was still not feeling too well, we just want down to the mall right next to our hotel to have lunch. Here’s what we ate for our last lunch in Bangkok……

After lunch we went to Swensen for a mango drink, here’s a photo of it…..

After our mango drink at Swensen, we went to Big C supermarket again to pick up some Thai style seasoning.  After that we went for a foot massage again.  Our last Thai style foot massage before heading home.  After our massage, we went back to the hotel, pick up our bags and head out to to the airport. 

Since our flight was at 8p.m., we ate dinner at the airport before heading back home, here’s what we ate for dinner….

Over all this trip was so memorable for both my hubby and I.  We had such a great time there, although I was sick on the fourth day of our trip.  But over all we both think this trip was excellent.  We just love spending every second with each other that once I got back from Thailand, I have already start planning our next trip to Malaysia (Sabah).  We will be going there on April 2-7 2014 for six days and 5 nights.  Yeah I can’t wait for our next Malaysia journey…..

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